Wonderful Winterfest! – Reading News

to escape the winter cold however, many have discovered the ideal winter escape at beautiful Lake Geneva. Visitors enjoy winter by participating in many opportunities and celebrations. That’s why they love the lake so much. The video below gives an insight into why thousands of people select Lake Geneva as their winter vacation spot.

The winter months bring outdoor activities like snowboarding, snowshoeing and skiing. Did you enjoy ziplining on snow? This is one of the main attractions in Lake Geneva. There are numerous festivals in the town all year long, but the most popular in Winterfest. Winterfest has an awesome snow-sculpturing contest, and there is skates for the public to enjoy. Winterfest also features small bubble sitting areas around an open bonfire. It’s eating experiences like none other! The stunning hand-carved ice sculptures are dotted across the main streets during the celebration, as do Christmas lights and local shops. If you’re seeking some new adventures this winter, Lake Geneva is for those who are.