Whats the Best Spot for an HVAC Mini-Split System? – Spokane Events

Everyday, efficiency is an important consideration. When you are switching over to a mini-split system, there is no clear-cut way to know exactly what location to put your units. In reality, you could have upwards of 5 different outlets that you can connect to, so deciding exactly where to place the units is among most critical decisions to make in the placement of your system. Before you rush into action and put your units in according to where you think they’ll be most attractive, talk to the experts at AC repair businesses and ask for their suggestions for the most suitable place to install your HVAC mini-split system. In the video below, we will give the reader an outline of some typical installation spots.

Most professionals will recommend you install your new ac unit at least 7 feet above the floor level in any given room. This ensures an air flow and is easy to maintain. You should also avoid installing your unit above the area where you’ll sleep due to the cold effect of the air on you.