What You Should Know About a Dog Bite Case – Dan Park Law Group

This means you were bitten or injured by a pet, you did not violate the law, weren’t provoking the dog and suffered some form of injury.

There are two categories of liability in relation to the liability. Certain states have strict liability which means that if the dog bit someone they are at fault. Some states follow the “one-bite” principle. In the case of the one bite rule, homeowners insurance is at fault for a bite from a dog except if the dog had bitten someone before. Owners are liable if the dog has bitten somebody before.

The injury from a dog bite typically is a skin or flesh wound. The extent of the scarring that required to heal caused by bites is contingent upon the time. There are times when cases of dog bites could last for one year or more.

Always file a police report. If you make a police report, the police can obtain homeowners insurance and other paperwork you’ll require in the event of a bite incident. dogs.

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