What Makes The Most Popular RSS Feeds So Popular

Today’s most popular RSS feeds share some interesting things in common. They mostly are well known sites that most users who have ever used an RSS feed are familiar with, and they also share the commonality that they are free. Additionally, the best feeds today are entirely compatible with many platforms, systems and protocols, making them seamless to use and integrate into daily functions, whether they be personal or professional in nature.

For one, today’s most popular RSS feeds come from major sites that most people have heard of. These are big time websites that either focus on news or that help promote news in some other fashion. They may have reporters on the case for their articles or they may be known mostly as news resources, but they all have familiar names to them and are very commonly known by most people.

For another, today’s most popular RSS feeds work excellently on readers like Chrome RSS reader from Google and like other cool RSS feeds. In essence, the best RSS readers are extremely compatible with most search engines, with most browsers and with most types of computers too. This includes tablets, desktops, laptops and even mobile devices, which more people are turning to for their news these days.

Also, today’s most popular RSS feeds are actually free RSS feeds, meaning no charges are accrued for users wanting some great late breaking news that is thorough and that comes with a summary of explanations. Rarely do people have time to weed through every article that has relevance to the topic about which they are searching, and even rarer do they want to pay somebody to go through this stuff for them. In today’s most popular RSS feeds, they can knock both of these two tasks out without one worry. They can have their cake by getting these free feeds handed to them, and they can eat that cake too by avoiding the need for reading through everything to get to the hearts of news articles.

Lastly, today’s most popular RSS feeds are filled with users who subscribe to the variety of feeds that they have. This is another thing that makes these feeds so popular, their ability to disseminate information quickly and easily on virtually any topic imaginable. But most of the world’s most popular RSS feeds have the most amount of subscribers to them as well, which only adds to their popularity.