What Is New in the World of RSS Readers?

RSS may not be the most popular tool on the internet these days, but to hundreds of thousands of people it is an essential tool to keep connected with your favorite blogs and websites quickly and easily. Since 1999 when RSS formally came out, there have been few major changes to XML coding and the way that RSS is used, but that does not mean that there is not plenty to learn about Really Simple Syndication.

  1. What is RSS reader news all about these days?
  2. Google Reader is officially dead, and there have been reports of general RSS declining readership from some places, but strong support in others. Ask a community like Lifehacker, which is full of tech savvy people, and you will find that RSS readers are widely used. Look at results of a formal survey by Ipsos Insight and Yahoo, and you will find that only about 12% of people polled even know what an RSS reader is. What is undeniable though is that RSS readers are easier than ever to use, especially with the advent of user-friendly and intuitive RSS readers.

  3. What is RSS reader?
  4. Though there are many RSS readers that you can choose from, there is no RSS reader called simply “RSS reader.” There is a Chrome RSS reader called “RSS feed reader,” and several other RSS readers that you can use with a Chrome browser. Do not worry, for Windows users, there is an RSS reader Windows compatible. The best RSS readers are often compiled in list format on technology websites, but the best RSS reader for you can only be known for sure through trial and error.

  5. What is RSS readership like these days?
  6. Some of the most popular RSS feeds enjoy more than 100 thousand regular readers. Therefore, it stands to reason that it is still worth it to add RSS feeds to your website, giving people the ability to subscribe. Furthermore, if you like the convenience, then it is worth it to use an RSS reader for yourself to save time checking websites that may or may not be updated.

RSS readers are not for everyone, but for those that are interested in keeping in touch with multiple news sources, websites, and blogs, they are an ideal tool. You can choose from a number of readers, find a subscription to almost any site that you enjoy, and also benefit from providing RSS on your own website to engage a large audience of users.