What Asphalt Driveway Sealing Product is Right for You? – Family Magazine

sealing can be difficult. There are plenty of choices for driveway sealers. How do you know which sealer you should choose? This video compares several options.

Black Jack has many driveway sealers to choose from. The Drive-Maxx 200 boasts two year longevity. It also has lighter sand, which helps fill in the smaller cracks. On the other hand the Drive-Maxx 500 lasts five years and has sand aggregate and an easy-stir formulation. The next one is the Drive-Maxx 700 which lasts even longer at seven years. The rubberized gel formula makes it last longer. Its formula is rubberized. Drive-Max 10 can last for more than ten years. It’s the ideal alternative for heavy-duty applications. It is crucial to plan your sealing around the weather. For the asphalt to dry properly, you have to be able to enjoy at least 24 hours to 48 hours of sunshine after sealing it. However, if you’re uncomfortable sealing the asphalt yourself and want a trained professional to perform the task for you then you might want to consider an asphalt driveway repair company.