What Are Burnishing Tools? – Best Online Magazine


The process of burning improves the surface finish. It is also known for rolling the surfaces, puts pressure on the material to levels that are beyond its limits. This produces better outcomes than other equipment.

You have the option of different degrees of hardness. Cold rolling the material compresses the material’s surface, causing it to become harder. It is possible to see an increase in hardness between 50 and 100% after burningishing.

Burnishing also can enhance the dimensions. You can alter the size of your tools for burnishing. Based on the finish of the surface, you can typically get 5 to 10 microns size modifications.

Burnishing can improve fatigue life up to 30%. This means the material will last 3 times longer than an item that is not polished if the tools are not employed.

What are the tools for burning used for? Burnishing can be performed on a variety of metals, such as aluminum, brass and zinc. Most popular is diamond burnishing.

To learn more about burnishing and the tools used to burnish, take a look at the video below!