Understanding Different Cuts of Steak – Food Magazine

e many different kinds of steak, and in the culinary world they are often referred to as cuts. This article are going to learn about different cuts of beef.

Tomahawk ribeyes are made of rib. It gets its name due to the fact that when you hold it up there is a lot of bone that has no meat attached to the bone, making it form a shape similar to an tomahawk. Salt and pepper are two of the best ways to cook the tomahawk-style beef steak.

Another cut of steak is called filet. If you like the taste of your steak to be buttery This is the cut you should consider. The tomahawk steak comes in a smaller size.

The porterhouse is the final piece we’re going be discussing. A porterhouse steak it is possible to find an elongated filet on one side and there is a middle bone that is separated from a New York strip on the other side. The cut you get is of higher quality one.

There are numerous types of steak. You should choose whichever one you like the most However, the next time you take a bite, keep these points to your heart.