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tips on how to stack your jewelry pieces.

A necklace that is all different length, starting from your choker before gradually moving downwards, will give you a great appearance to try. You should always have different necklace designs and different sizes. One example is that a small piece of jewelry can be mixed with a larger one. Make sure your necklaces don’t overlap each other, as it can cause them to become tangled.

It is possible to stack bracelets the same manner as you would the necklaces. Through combining different sizes or designs and mixing it with silver, you will be able to make sure that your accessories are in balance, such as purses, jackets and footwear. Make sure that your wristbands do not have extra parts that are dangling like charms will aid in keeping your bracelets from getting stuck together. Your other wrist can have diverse bangles that have various sizes and shapes.

In the event of adding earrings, they aren’t required to match. There are a variety of options to making earrings that can be hung, such as Hoop earrings or plain studs. Don’t be afraid to play with different ideas. You will soon discover the pattern of stacking you like best.