Roof Repair vs Replacement Which Should You Choose? – Home Improvement Videos

choice you make for restoring the appearance of your roof is essential. In many cases, replacement of a few shingles the roof may be all you will need to fix its look and function. Other times, you may need to go for a replacement option and alter the whole roof. It is crucial to know the cost of roof repairs in each case so that you will know what option you should take. However, how do you know that you are making an informed choice? Here are some of the factors that will guide you about whether or not to have the roof repaired or replaced.
Age of the Roof Age of the Roof

If you’re replacing or making repairs to your roof, it’s crucial to consider the age of your roofing. There are various roofing materials that have different time frames. Asphalt shingles may last 20-30 years while concrete, however will last as long as 100 years. You can assess the age of your roof through the dates of its installation.

If your roof shows indications of age, it is advisable to consider replacing it instead of fixing. It will start to wear out when it displays evidence of aging like leaks or missing or damaged gutter granules or roofing shingles. You can also tell it is aging when it begins to show cracks whereby you can see shining light beams from the roofing board. These are signs that your roof is in need of be replaced. It’s best to get estimates for roof replacement as opposed to the typical roof repair cost.

The Extent of Damage

Repair and replacement are options that may be available when your roof needs repairs or physical damaged. You can determine which path you should take by taking a look at the extent of damage. A simple repair might be enough in the event that the damage isn’t severe. But, if the damage is a major issue, you might be required to replace it. Also, examining the affected areas may help determine whether your roof requires replacement or repairs. The damage that’s restricted to a specific area will usually be corrected and fixed.