Janitorial Maintenance Walkthrough Tips – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

The discussion will focus on tips and tricks for performing a thorough janitorial maintenance review.

Research the janitorial maintenance company before you go to meet them. You want to take an extra pen and pad along on hand to record notes and answers to the various questions you inquire. For measuring the floor’s surface then you’ll need the laser, or measuring wheel. It is important to not criticize the staff members currently employed. It is not a good decision to make comments about how filthy something is.

When you enter the facility, pay all your attention to the potential client. Ask questions about the facilities and what work you are being asked to do. Ask about the surfaces and how frequently they need specific tasks to be completed. Most likely, they will say that they are unhappy about and are unhappy with their current service. It is also possible to ask which changes they’d recommend to the service, even if they haven’t mentioned. xu5miwplbv.