HR Basics and The Benefits That Matter to You – Kingdom Gold

The benefits offered include development of employees and retention, as well as the management of performance. According to the narrator in the video, employee benefits are all benefits that go beyond from a base salary, or an hourly wage. For instance, when the employer offers an employee medical insurance provider, health insurance or savings benefits, retirement, etc.

According to the narrator, the benefits offered are divided into compulsory and non-mandatory benefits. Social security, worker’s comp (compensation to injuries) (compensation for injuries), unemployment (protecting workers against job losses) Family and medical leaves (provision of time off that is not paid for ailments such as chronic illness or pregnancies) They are all obligatory benefits. ).

Also, in 2015, employers have been required by federal law to cater for the health of employees as part of the Affordable Health Care Act. Affordable Care Act offers healthcare for those who are not insured by their employers insurance or other plans offered by private insurance.

Employers can offer benefits that are voluntary to employees, but they may also be provided voluntarily. Voluntary benefits comprise dental insurance, life insurance, paid leave employees assistance programs, educational benefits, leave benefits, short or long-term disability or wellness plans, and retirement savings. ys3wtd8mh6.