How To Do Maintenance on Your Air Conditioner – Interstate Moving Company

Maintain your AC unit to function properly, you require a skilled maintenance service for your air conditioner. This video demonstrates how an HVAC contractor goes about servicing the AC unit and your ducts.

For access to the AC vents, the technician can climb on a ladder and remove the vents from the dwelling. The repairman will utilize an LED flashlight to examine the ducts, and search for indications of damage or blockage.

The technician will inspect the outdoor unit for any damaged parts. He’ll remove any vents or other parts and clean them clean.

The next step is to look into the ductwork that is in the attic. The serviceman can repair any holes or tears using tape and other methods. In the end, the professional will vacuum out any remaining dust.

The technician will use specially designed measuring devices to determine how much air is flowing from the device after the cleaning. After that, he will utilize specialized measurement equipment to assess the flow of air coming out of the unit following cleaning. This will allow him to ensure that the work was completed right and won’t cause further problems.

Proper air conditioning maintenance can allow your unit’s air conditioner to last for decades on and on without replacement. For more information on the maintenance of your air conditioner, check out the video in the link below.