How Does a Garden Sprinkler System Work? – Best Self-Service Movers

You may have an existing one. But did you know that there are five components that cooperate to ensure your sprinkler system operating properly? Find out more what each part of the system is as well as their functions.

Water flows first through your mainline from your well or city water tank to your backflow preventer to keep contaminated water from entering your drinking water.

When you remove the backflow prevention device, water travels through your pipes and then to your valves. The valves are controlled via the timer that tells the valves when they should open.

When the timer signals that the valves are opened and water is pumped through pipes into the sprinkler heads. Then, the sprinkler system begins to work. The timer is set to stop water from flowing through the sprinkler heads.

A garden sprinkler system has a lot of components, therefore, if you encounter any issues it can be difficult to identify and repair it yourself. Expert plumbers are equipped to comprehend your system and will be able to help!