How a Septic System Works – Interior Painting Tips


Like other homes, the water from the home will be carried through the plumbing. Instead of leading to a facility for water treatment operated by the federal government in the first place, the water is dumped into a specialized tank that sits beneath the ground. Installation and excavation of Septic tanks is the focus of contractors who specialize in this field.

The septic tank is not simply store the wastewater to it fills up. The septic tank separates liquids from solids, and then treats them to eliminate toxic contaminants. The solids fall into two categories one of which is scum that rises at the top of the tank while sludge is on the lower part. Septic companies will come and take out the solids after the tank gets full.

The liquid, however, is pumped to a drainage field, which is located far away from the property. Leech fields or drainage continues to filter all effluents or liquids so that groundwater doesn’t get contaminated. Every so often, septic contractors will need to reset or move the location of the leech field so that the soil doesn’t become damaged.

More details are available in the video below.