A Day in the Life of the Montessori Kindergarten – College Graduation Rates

It is difficult to get through the doors of Montessori kindergartens. There are many who don’t know how the method operates. Montessori gives students confidence and self-reliance. It is a system that emphasizes learning and teaches students about all aspects of the world, while establishing a solid academic foundation.

A typical school day begins around 8:30 am, and concludes at around 3 pm. Students are dropped off by parents between 8:30 until 8:30 am. The teachers greet them with warm welcome. They get in class to begin the circle to discuss the calendar and weather. There is also a singing session while teachers present learning ideas during the course of the entire day. Students can choose what they want to work on and work on their own, with the help of classmates, or under a teacher’s direction.

They come up with words and the sounds from the alphabet, create designs and textures, develop conversational skills, and do basic cleaning chores. There are snacks served during the break. They are seated at the table, or in a mat. After eating, they clean up and head to the playground. The lessons of each child are discussed in the final circle before being released to parents. zgym9sphzq.